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It is place there inquisitor stays, just east from your home. Usually there's a guard there before you've triggered it's opening who will tell you it only opens on x day for the inquisitor. Hard to miss. Ah thanks :D This game really needs a quest log xD. Comment by Apoloz Pretty much easy quest , if ur a rogue , after you use the touch just stealth , then cheap shot and kidney shot the bat , he will badly move. Comment by Jinxed It seems you can't summon Zelfrax while Mordant and Jarl are in the middle of their little "I brought you a housewarming gift, Jarl"-event.

So wait for them to be done with their talking before using the Witchbane Torch or you'll have to wait for the cooldown. Comment by bron To diverge a bit from the lock lovefest, as a 33 priest, this was easy enough. Dot bubble and wand for the most part. Easy level 36 with no curses or abilities.

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Straightforward and easy. Nice conjuring sequence. Comment by cwmole Summons a level 36 monster easy mob called Zelfrax to kill, easy XP. Comment by ZombiePope For those who didn't notice The demon doesn't just "spawn". It was possessing Jarl. When you use the Witchbane Torch, Jarl falls unconscious while a white stream comes out of him, which coalesces into the demon.

I did the quest on 3 characters before I ever noticed this. Comment by Tankofheals just found this out and just a heads up for all impacient people that if you place the torch at the end of the dock right after someone else kills him and the NPCs are still talking with eachother the demon bat WILL NOT spawn and the CD on the torch is like 3 times as long as the little cut scene so just wait for them to get back to their spots and place it.

Comment by Elamir Zelfrax looks like a gargoyle, actually.

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Comment by Schorl The completion text says how his only remaining problem is his friend's taste in furniture, but There's no furniture at all inside Jarl's house. Comment by Talvanor Marksmanship Hunters should probably get the boots from this quest as starter mail boots, unless they already have some decent mail boots stored up.

The belt from AB is far superior to the one that you get from this chain and it only costs 20 marks and a couple hundred honor.

Witch Hill – Marion Zimmer Bradley MOBI

The AB boots are good, as well, but I would recommend the boots from this quest over forgoing the belt and getting the AB boots- Unless you don't mind spending a lot of time grinding AB. Edit: The AB belt only costs a couple hundred honor now, making the boots the better of the two rewards. Comment by Zephinism Counts towards Loremaster of Kalimdor.

Comment by knoppesen make sure that if you are lvl 80 not just spam click your instant spells as soon as he becomes attackable. Comment by Jessicat Finally did this for the first time since I'm going for Loremaster. I'm just wondering why people are calling Zelfrax a bat though; when he's a gargoyle. Comment by Layci For some reason at the top it says "This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.

Add to list Cleansing Witch Hill. It worked? Now the only remaining problem is my friend's taste in furniture, and I'm afraid that won't be solved as easily.

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Witch Hill Witch Hill
Witch Hill Witch Hill
Witch Hill Witch Hill
Witch Hill Witch Hill
Witch Hill Witch Hill

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