The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)

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Additional info: Is 5' 8" tall, wears heels, has intense blue eyes and golden blonde hair. Application - Vampires - Lady Seraphina Christou. Vampires: 1. What clan you belong to: Malkavian 2.

Episode 166 - Vampire Killers

Age: Elder years old. Short bio: Lady Seraphina Christou was a princess of Epirus, far from ascension to the throne of the dying lands. In her youth she was carefree and wild spirited, the life and soul of every party. Blessed with angelic appearance, Seraphina had been mischievous, impish and the darling of the royal household. Taught to curb her wildness as she grew into a lady, Seraphina paid little attention to the best advices she was given. She was a snake charmer, possessing a rare ability to wield serpents whom most others found terrifying.

In an attempt to smooth over neighbourhood relations, she was given to an influential and rich old Albanian count as a gift. It was no simple choice to hand her over in hope of appreciation, the Count had visited before and made remarks about Seraphina. Whether these were hints or not, sixteen year old Seraphina was handed over to the fourty-eight year old Count as a gift. Thankfully, or rather, as following events would prove, unfortunately, she was not meant for the Count. Yes, he had admired her spirit and beauty, but not for himself, rather for his son. The soon to be young Count was practically indifferent at his impending marriage, but everyone, particularly the Count and Seraphina herself, had hoped it was a phase that was soon to pass.

It was not. It simply continued, the indifference, the ignorance and the inability to simply acknowledge her existence. The old Count met his death and soon Seraphina was left with only her husband, Count Loran Berusha for company. It was lonliness at its worst. The years passed slowly, painfully as Seraphina was unable to comprehend what exactly about her it was that Loran found so unappealing. The running of the household kept her somewhat occupied, but it was superficial control that that often relinquished to the dragon-like housekeeper.

It was nothing she could have helped with, ever. An unbearable stigma at the time, Seraphina, unable to tell anyone or do anything about her predicament, sank further and further into depression. However, while the young Countess received no deserved attentions from her husband, she attracted those of a far more dangerous kind. Agron, a Malkavian Elder, watched her with unrelenting interest. He had been driven insane by cruelty to a point where he knew no other way of existence but to inflict it on others.

Moving things and then moving them back after she had raised a fuss, sending her letters and then hiding them, planting thoughts and doubts in her head, he drove the young Countess further and further from sanity and further and further into depression, isolation and fear. While the feisty young girl of Epirus had progressively diminished through the years anyway, the work of Agron replaced her with something else.

Alone and afraid, upon his occasional attentions to and considerations for her, Seraphina took Agron as her lover, soon driven further into guilt and isolation through shame of having given herself to commoner. With this, Agron did not stop, simply continuing his psychological torture of the Countess until she was finally declared insane by Loran.

Simply unable and unwilling to cope with the idea being locked up for the rest of her life, Seraphina stabbed him through the heart with a fire poker and fled into the night. There, she was found by Agron, finally declared to be his masterpiece and Embraced into the clan of Malkavian. Together, the years continued to pass, less slowly and less appreciated as now nothing mattered. Still a snake handler, she was declared Malkavian Primogen of Athens.

After the death of her sire, Seraphina continued her travels, finally resting in Los Angeles. Additional info: Is 5' 6" tall, has turquoise eyes and caramel coloured hair. Application - Connor Hale. Posts: Thanks: in 27 Posts 15 Achievements. Lola Dmitriev - char application. Visit for Sims 3 Hair , Tattoos , and other free custom content downloads.

The Vampire's Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)

For website updates, subscribe to my RSS feed at. Dreamwidth Blog. Ghanima Atreides. Application - Toreador Vampire - Moira Sushill. Moira Sushill - Clan Toreador 1. At the age of 16, Moira was wed to the boyar nobleman Mircea Sutu, 27 years older than her, a match her family considered extremely favourable and in which she had no choice, although the crafty girl saw a more considerable advantage than wealth in this marriage.

The Vampire's Redemption: Undead in Brown County #3

As wife of Mircea Sutu, Moira convinced her husband —who, in his self-induced illusion believed she was in love with him — to let her see the only learned man at the court, a monk by the name of Arsenie and learn to read and write. But learning was not all that Moira enjoyed doing; she took a deep liking to the arts of drawing, painting and music, but in a country forever under the threat of imminent wars, such trivialities were frowned upon and neglected.

It was thus that soon after her 21st birthday that Moira once again compelled her husband into sending her to the Hungarian court, where she would remain with some of the Sutu family relatives for a month or two. Seeing a bright spark of passion and talent in the young woman, Cornellus taught Moira more than old monk Arsenie ever could, the two spending countless hours into the night pouring over manuscripts and poetry novels.

Naturally, the young woman became fascinated with this man as well as his mystery: certain things about him raised questions, like the fact that he was never to be seen during the hours of daytime, and even after the two became lovers, Cornellus refused to talk of his past or tell her the reason why he was always away except the evenings and nights. The following evening, she demanded answers, cried, threw a fit of rage which Cornellus withstood calmly, or rather with apparent calm: he compelled her to calm down using his Dominate powers for the first time on his lover, then explained the truth which turned out to be more frightening and incredible than anything Moira had expected to hear: that he, Matthias Cornellus was Kindred, vampire…member of the Toreador Clan.

He also warned her that his mistake and her resolve to know his terrible truth left him with two choices: modify her memory that she would not remember he ever existed and leave her, or make her one of his kind. At the time, the Camarilla was in its cradle, and Cornellus desired Moira too much to kill her, but he would not risk his exposure by giving her such information without its inherit consequences.

For a long time, Moira was completely entranced with her new senses and heightened perceptions, and especially the way her artistic flair and talent became augmented by the Blood. Moira was no longer content with just being the companion, the apprentice…she wished more than that and knew she was capable of it — thus after a painful separation from Matthias Cornellus, she relocated herself in Italy, where she remained for one more century.

There, she encountered the girl who would inspire her greatest masterpiece, as well as her greatest failure: Josephine was her name, a runaway from the distant land of Poland, whose perplexing beauty and sweet disposition inspired Moira to begin a close friendship with the mortal woman, during the many nights she posed as Moira painted: it was not a sexual relationship, though perhaps as intimate as any love affair, Josephine playing the triple role of muse, friend, and ghoul.

During one such nights, the door to the studio burst open and an enraged, insanely jealous Matthias Cornellus stormed in, fangs bared, attacking and killing helpless Josephine where she stood, no warnings given. Shocked and filled with such a rage she had never believed she could feel, Moira challenged he Sire, who made the big mistake of underestimating her, forgetting his wits in his madness.

In an impulse she would regret ever since, Moira drained Matthias dry, delivering her revenge and his final Death in a way condemned by the Camarilla: Diablerie was considered a heinous crime, in which only the Sabbat revelled, punishable by death. Disgusted and ashamed, Moira fled Italy and settled in London, England, where she hoped to make a fresh start, changing her name to Moira Sushill to better blend in with the society.

She became actively involved in Kindred politics, ascending to the rank of Primogen towards the mid 20th century; her masterpiece however, Josephine's unfinished portrait she never completed: her muse had died that night, and Moira had not been able to regain the heights of creative inspiration she had known then. If wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets. Application - Mortal - Aeode Mallard. Name: Aeode pronounced: Ah-ydeh Mallard Age: 26 Willingness to be embraced: yes, if the story leads to a plausible embrace scenario Occupation: something that pays the rent and allows her to keep a low profile currently a bartender Short bio: Aeode is an enigma to most people she meets: a nomad who has been everywhere from Phuket to Istambul, has never kept a job longer than a couple of months and whose real name few know: secretive, insightful, and very opinionated, one can often get the feeling there is much she harbours to herself.

But it hasn't always been this way, in fact, until her 18th birthday, life for Aeode had been very, very different. The Mallard family dabbled in may different ventures, some more legit than others, enough to ensure their lives remained carefree and privileged.

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One of their preferred investments was sponsoring talented artists: this stemmed from the fact that their own daughter, Aeode, had musical talents and a sweet, yet vibrant contra-alto voice which she hoped would one day place her name among the well known opera singers. A lavish party was organized on the occasion of Aeode's 18th birthday, celebrating her passage into adulthood as well as her engagement to Thomas Caulfield, her childhood sweetheart.

An unusual age for marriage by modern standards, perhaps, yet both Tom and Aeode were convinced it was the best decision for them. It all however turned to tragedy when a group of masked individuals bearing weapons and Molotov cocktails descended upon the gathering, incinerating and killing everything and everyone in their way.

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Aeode's parents died that night, as did many of the terror-stricken guests. Two individuals captured her, beating her viciously, mercilessly, leaving her for dead: and indeed by the time they were finished, Aeode thought she was dead, and that the vague figure descending upon her in a glyph of pale light was the angel taking her away.

She did not even register the moment when the stranger allowed several drops of blood to fall in between her parted lips, mingling with her own life essence and as they did, infusing her with a new-found strength and will to live. Even as the mysterious benefactor carried her to the nearest hospital, Aeode never saw his She was left with a burning desire for revenge and an equally powerful fascination with the unknown person whom she remembered as though from a dream, but felt an inexplicable connection with nonetheless.

She ached to see him or her, longed for it in a way that frightened her, but an even more acute urge dominated her mind: The young woman, an orphan, quickly realized the obvious: her family had been targeted by unknown factions who wished them all dead: she did not know why, and certainly not who, but for her only one option existed: she needed to disappear, hoping that with her gone, they would at least not harm Thomas, one of the few survivors, even though it would mean never having contact with her love again.

During the following 8 years, Aeode travelled far and wide; having emptied one of her father's secret bank accounts, she could afford to, keeping to herself, learning whatever she could from those she met on her way, most importantly how to fight. With the help of an ex martial arts teacher she became close to in Spain, Aeode diligently honed her skills, whether bare handed or using a wide range of weapons from guns, knives and even sword fighting. She then swore she would never again be a victim, and if she came face to face with them again, she would have her revenge on those who had ruined her life.

Eight years later, Aeode once again walks down the once familiar streets of Los Angeles, renting a small derelict apartment and working in bars, having long since exhausted the money taken from her father's account. A picture of you: Aeode, presently: Aeode at the age of Application - Ghoul - Melody Hart.

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Name: Melody Hart 2. Age: 32, but appears to be in her early 20s thanks to a regular intake of Vitae 3. Willingness to be a ghoul, or embraced if so, by what clan : is already a ghoul, and secretly harbours a strong desire to be Embraced 4. Occupation: freelance sketch artist, also working at a local veterinary clinic 5.

Bio: Melody's life began in a fairly conventional way, as the daughter of a middle class couple living in San Francisco for six years prior to her birth, when her father acquired a well-paying job as chief of surgery at a prestigious hospital that was located in the city.

This allowed him, his wife and two children to lead a comfortable life, materially speaking, though the tensions growing between James and Amelia Hart began affecting the family from within. Melody and her older brother Kevin remained on good enough terms with both each other and their parents until their mid teens, when Amelia Hart threatened her husband with a divorce, which was never accomplished but nonetheless served as the final tear into a marriage that had been falling apart for years.

From then on, James and Amelia focused more and more on their respective careers and the education of their children who, much like James, his father and grandfather before him, were encouraged to pursue medicine.

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  • At the time, Melody was a girl with a head full of dreams and a passion for drawing, something she had always shown aptitude for. Sweet and sociable, with the face of an angel and the disposition of a playful imp, she enjoyed a good outing with her friends as much as an afternoon tucked in bed with a good book or her sketchpad, fantasizing about a future as an artist; James and Amelia humoured her, without taking their daughter's hobby as anything truly serious until the day that she claimed the opposite.

    Her ambitions clashed with her father's plans and, for all her objections, three years later Melody enrolled into Med School to be trained as a general practitioner. By that time, she had more or less agreed that it offered better prospects for the future than the life of a 'starving artist', though deep down her passion for drawing hadn't diminished and sometimes, when those suppressed feelings emerged to the surface, she regretted not having had the courage to pursue her art. For as long as she could remember, Melody had been the artsy girl who always scored full marks in art classes and drew portraits of her friends and class-mates, something she continued to do in college, though for just as long, her parents had gently insisted her work was pretty and fit for a hobby but nothing truly special or ground-breaking, chipping away at her confidence until, eventually, she came to believe it herself, draining her very inspiration and desire to create.

    Everything changed dramatically one evening when Melody sat alone, crying on a park bench just outside campus. She had just ended a distressing phonecall with her father, who was displeased with her results in school and threatened to cut off her allowance, blaming it on irresponsibility and time wasted on frivolities such as drawing instead of studying and attending class.

    It wasn't completely untrue — as a Sophomore, the requirements were increased and, because her heart did not lay in medicine, Melody took refuge in drawing.

    The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3) The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)
    The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3) The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)
    The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3) The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)
    The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3) The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)
    The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3) The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)
    The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3) The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)
    The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3) The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)
    The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3) The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)
    The Vampires Redemption (Undead in Brown County #3)

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