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Along with that, though, eating perfectly and exercising does not make someone radiant. Jesus says we are to be light to the world, reflecting Him.. Sorry, rambling here. I believe time is short here on earth and God is indeed calling up prophets to sound the alarm.

The Sound of Music & Grover – God In All Things

Thank you for answering the call and sharing with us all!! Thanks and congratulations Marilyn!

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I love that. Father is birthing new things through you and you are overflowing with vision and purpose! Hi Chrissie, I always love hearing from you! I say amen to your prayer and for breakthrough. Hi Helen, that was a Good message and I will take on board what you have shared. And through every post I could not see anything for me.

I began to wonder what about myself, where am I in your plans? I found myself getting irritable and annoyed. And now, you still Battle through with Me. In this season you will be Breaking Through for other people, for their problems, healing, areas where people are stuck. I will send You. I know you Son, you will Honour Me, and not feather your own nest. Michael, I love you so much, Go and bring Breakthrough in the Breaker Anointing , bring release to those who are stuck in impossible situations.

Son, that is why your life has been so difficult, because You will bring Hope where there is none. The Wedding at Canna, water into wine is You Michael. I have never left You, and I will always be at Your side…. I love that word Michael. Our Father is so good. May Jesus be renowned through you! And us all! I was even more blown away. I would not have described myself as Renown. Thank you Helen for the prophetic word of encouragement. I like that and i receive it. That is so powerful.

That reminds me Hannah, the mother of prophet Samuel. Hannah took her time trusting the God of heaven, the God who can melt mountains, the God who hears even our heart desire. Thank you Lord! Thank you for your faithfulness Helen.

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Please pray God bless you! May I echo the voice of God. May I truly represent Him on earth. May you live long to reach out to many though your gifts. I am holding on to prophecy and spending time in my prayer closet believing for my breakthrough. Thank you for your prophetic words.

Is there anything else you recommended I do? I know God says to be still and know that I am God. Thank you so much for your profetic word,it has lifted my spirit as i was down spiritually may god continue to bless n protect u for our life. Ritenbaugh Unity Part 4.

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Psalm David uses "thunder" as a metaphor for the voice of God. For the purpose of instruction, the reason is to make obvious the connection between something that everybody is familiar with—the powerful, reverberating sound of thunder—and the power of God's spoken Word. John In this example, taking place shortly before Jesus ' suffering and death, a gathering of Greek visitors and probably some of His disciples are present see verses They all hear the voice. Jesus says the thunderous voice was made audible for the sake of His visitors. At such a troubled time, it was no doubt encouraging for Him as well.

Some compare the voice to the sound of thunder. Others think an angel has spoken to Jesus. Could it have been an angel speaking? The voice says that the Speaker had glorified His own name, so if it were any other being than the Father, this declaration would be false. Surely, the Father would not delegate the duty of glorifying His name even to an angel, especially at such a pivotal time.

Staff The Voice of God. Revelation There are a number of verses where the voice of God is connected to or described as thundering:. Job : After it a voice roars; He thunders with His majestic voice, and He does not restrain them when His voice is heard. They would hear it as they chatted with him along the dirt roads of Judea and as they bantered over bread and olives in their homes. He was the very words of God lived out in the flesh John ,14, Hebrews But then Jesus left and they could no longer sit with him at the table.

They could no longer hear him teaching in the synagogue.

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With so much still to learn, it was difficult to understand why he would leave. It would be better, he said, if he left John Then his voice would be able to go beyond the halls of Jerusalem, past the streets of Judea and further than the steps of the Temple. And unlike the days of old where only a select few experienced his voice, it would come to all who wanted to hear it. When I first asked God to speak to me, I expected His voice to be loud and booming, a sound that reverberated through the air with some sort of mystical force.

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I expected to hear His voice through my outer ear.

the Sound of God The Sound of God
the Sound of God The Sound of God
the Sound of God The Sound of God
the Sound of God The Sound of God
the Sound of God The Sound of God

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