The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction

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The City of Destruction

Tim posts article entitled: Call for beta reviewers. Tim interviewed about worldbuilding and The Reality War. February 9th Greyhart Press. The Reality War breaks out today Greyhart Press. My debut novel published today on Kindle: Our first simultaneous print and eBook launch looms Greyhart Press. Win free copies of The Reality War! Having said that, I liked the ending. It wasn't perfect - and what happened to the lizard people made me sad. But it was probably the best ending for the characters Nov 09, Melissa Bryan rated it it was amazing Shelves: After reading Reality War 1, I couldn't wait to read The Reality War 2 to see where the journey was going to take me and see how it was all going to come together.

The story continues and moves at a quick pace. We find out what happened when the time traveler does start a family in the past. How it not only affected the earth but also the invading aliens past and After reading Reality War 1, I couldn't wait to read The Reality War 2 to see where the journey was going to take me and see how it was all going to come together.

How it not only affected the earth but also the invading aliens past and future. There is a recurring character that pops in and out of both novels 1 and 2. He reminds me of the Cheshire Cat, you never know when he is going to show up and if he is going to have good or bad news or if he will help or hinder. I have been reading more fantasy and horror. I guess I got away from it because my favorite science fiction writer, Spider Robinson, stop writing about Callahan's Saloon.

Where are the world's most war-damaged cities?

Now I have Tim C. Sep 30, Alan rated it it was amazing.

An immediate follow on from Reality War 1. The book follows the struggle between the different realities revealed in book one with each seeking to preserve their existence at whatever cost. The book is well written although I didn't find it as fast paced as the first book. Taylor however continues to weave some interesting and unforeseen twists in the plot. Would recommend reading the two books back to back. Mar 03, Alissa Nolan rated it really liked it.

I received this book as a first reads book. This book immersed the reader in the two main competing realities. Both sides were developed with equal sympathy. The story was not as smooth flowing as the first book, but had so much better descriptive content. Matthew rated it liked it Jul 06, Handley rated it really liked it Dec 22, Pebbles rated it really liked it Jan 16, Patrick Fitzgerald rated it really liked it May 25, Brian Mounsher rated it really liked it Jul 01, David Power rated it really liked it Sep 03, Nora rated it really liked it Sep 02,.

Aeneas prays to Jupiter to quench the fires, which the god does with a torrential rainstorm. An anxious Aeneas is comforted by a vision of his father, who tells him to go to the underworld to receive a vision of his and Rome's future. In return for safe passage to Italy, the gods, by order of Jupiter, will receive one of Aeneas's men as a sacrifice: Palinurus , who steers Aeneas's ship by night, is put to sleep by Somnus and falls overboard.

Aeneas, with the guidance of the Cumaean Sibyl , descends into the underworld.

They pass by crowds of the dead by the banks of the river Acheron and are ferried across by Charon before passing by Cerberus , the three-headed guardian of the underworld. Then Aeneas is shown the fates of the wicked in Tartarus and is warned by the Sibyl to bow to the justice of the gods. He also meets the shade of Dido, who remains unreconcilable. He is then brought to green fields of Elysium. There he speaks with the spirit of his father and is offered a prophetic vision of the destiny of Rome.

Upon returning to the land of the living, Aeneas leads the Trojans to settle in Latium , where King Latinus received oracles pointing towards the arrival of strangers and bidding him to marry his daughter Lavinia to the foreigners, and not to Turnus , the ruler of another native people, the Rutuli. Juno, unhappy with the Trojans' favourable situation, summons the fury Alecto from the underworld to stir up a war between the Trojans and the locals.

Alecto incites Amata , the Queen of Latium and the wife of Latinus, to demand that Lavinia be married to noble Turnus, and she causes Ascanius to wound a revered deer during a hunt. Hence, although Aeneas wishes to avoid a war, hostilities break out. The book closes with a catalogue of Italic warriors. Given the impending war, Aeneas seeks help from the Tuscans, enemies of the Rutuli. His son Pallas agrees to join Aeneas and lead troops against the Rutuli.

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Venus urges her spouse Vulcan to create weapons for Aeneas, which she then presents to Aeneas as a gift. On the shield , the future history of Rome is depicted. Meanwhile, the Trojan camp is attacked by Turnus, and a midnight raid by the Trojans Nisus and Euryalus on Turnus' camp leads to their death.

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The next day, Turnus manages to breach the gates but is forced to retreat by jumping into the Tiber. A council of the gods is held, in which Venus and Juno speak before Jupiter, and Aeneas returns to the besieged Trojan camp accompanied by his new Arcadian and Tuscan allies. In the ensuing battle many are slain—notably Pallas, whom Evander has entrusted to Aeneas but who is killed by Turnus, and Mezentius , Turnus's close associate.

Mezentius, who has allowed his son Lausus to be killed while he himself fled, reproaches himself and faces Aeneas in single combat —an honourable but essentially futile endeavour leading to his death. After a short break in which the funeral ceremony for Pallas takes place, the war continues. Another notable native, Camilla , an Amazon character and virgin devoted to Diana , fights bravely but is killed, falling prey to her greed for gold.

Arruns, the man who kills her, is struck dead by Diana's sentinel, Opis. Single combat is proposed between Aeneas and Turnus, but Aeneas is so obviously superior to Turnus that the Rutuli, urged on by Turnus's divine sister, Juturna —who in turn is instigated by Juno—break the truce. Aeneas is injured by an arrow but is soon healed with the help of his mother Venus and returns to the battle. Turnus and Aeneas dominate the battle on opposite wings, but when Aeneas makes a daring attack at the city of Latium causing the queen of Latium to hang herself in despair , he forces Turnus into single combat once more.

In the duel, Turnus's strength deserts him as he tries to hurl a rock, and Aeneas's spear goes through his thigh. As Turnus is on his knees, begging for his life, the epic ends with Aeneas first tempted to obey Turnus's pleas to spare his life, but then killing him in rage when he sees that Turnus is wearing his friend Pallas's belt over a shoulder as a trophy.

Critics of the Aeneid focus on a variety of issues. Virgil makes use of the symbolism of the Augustan regime, and some scholars see strong associations between Augustus and Aeneas, the one as founder and the other as re-founder of Rome.

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A strong teleology , or drive towards a climax, has been detected in the poem. The Aeneid is full of prophecies about the future of Rome, the deeds of Augustus, his ancestors, and famous Romans, and the Carthaginian Wars ; the shield of Aeneas even depicts Augustus' victory at Actium in 31 BC. A further focus of study is the character of Aeneas. As the protagonist of the poem, Aeneas seems to constantly waver between his emotions and commitment to his prophetic duty to found Rome; critics note the breakdown of Aeneas's emotional control in the last sections of the poem where the "pious" and "righteous" Aeneas mercilessly slaughters the Latin warrior Turnus.

The Aeneid appears to have been a great success. Virgil is said to have recited Books 2, 4 and 6 to Augustus; [12] the mention of her son, Marcellus, in book 6 apparently caused Augustus' sister Octavia to faint.

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The poem was unfinished when Virgil died in 19 BC. After meeting Augustus in Athens and deciding to return home, Virgil caught a fever while visiting a town near Megara. Augustus ordered Virgil's literary executors, Lucius Varius Rufus and Plotius Tucca , to disregard that wish, instead ordering the Aeneid to be published with as few editorial changes as possible. However, the only obvious imperfections are a few lines of verse that are metrically unfinished i.

Ihre Vorteile

Other alleged "imperfections" are subject to scholarly debate. The Aeneid was written in a time of major political and social change in Rome, with the fall of the Republic and the Final War of the Roman Republic having torn through society and many Romans' faith in the "Greatness of Rome" severely faltering. However, the new emperor, Augustus Caesar , began to institute a new era of prosperity and peace, specifically through the re-introduction of traditional Roman moral values. The Aeneid was seen as reflecting this aim, by depicting the heroic Aeneas as a man devoted and loyal to his country and its prominence, rather than his own personal gains.

In addition, the Aeneid gives mythic legitimization to the rule of Julius Caesar and, by extension, to his adopted son Augustus, by immortalizing the tradition that renamed Aeneas's son, Ascanius called Ilus from Ilium , meaning Troy , Iulus , thus making him an ancestor of the gens Julia , the family of Julius Caesar, and many other great imperial descendants as part of the prophecy given to him in the Underworld.

The meter shows that the name "Iulus" is pronounced as 3 syllables, not as "Julus". Despite the polished and complex nature of the Aeneid legend stating that Virgil wrote only three lines of the poem each day , the number of half-complete lines and the abrupt ending are generally seen as evidence that Virgil died before he could finish the work. Because this poem was composed and preserved in writing rather than orally, the Aeneid is more complete than most classical epics.

Furthermore, it is possible to debate whether Virgil intended to rewrite and add to such lines. Some of them would be difficult to complete, and in some instances, the brevity of a line increases its dramatic impact some arguing the violent ending as a typically Virgilian comment on the darker, vengeful side of humanity. However, these arguments may be anachronistic—half-finished lines might equally, to Roman readers, have been a clear indication of an unfinished poem and have added nothing whatsoever to the dramatic effect. The perceived deficiency of any account of Aeneas's marriage to Lavinia or his founding of the Roman race led some writers, such as the 15th-century Italian poet Maffeo Vegio through his Mapheus Vegius widely printed in the Renaissance , Pier Candido Decembrio whose attempt was never completed , Claudio Salvucci in his epic poem The Laviniad , and Ursula K.

Le Guin in her novel Lavinia to compose their own supplements. Some legends state that Virgil, fearing that he would die before he had properly revised the poem, gave instructions to friends including the current emperor, Augustus that the Aeneid should be burned upon his death, owing to its unfinished state and because he had come to dislike one of the sequences in Book VIII, in which Venus and Vulcan made love, for its nonconformity to Roman moral virtues.

The friends did not comply with Virgil's wishes and Augustus himself ordered that they be disregarded. After minor modifications, the Aeneid was published. The first full and faithful rendering of the poem in an Anglic language is the Scots translation by Gavin Douglas —his Eneados , completed in , which also included Maffeo Vegio's supplement. Even in the 20th century, Ezra Pound considered this still to be the best Aeneid translation, praising the "richness and fervour" of its language and its hallmark fidelity to the original. Most classic translations, including both Douglas and Dryden, employ a rhyme scheme; most more modern attempts do not.

Powell , and David Ferry As with other classical Latin poetry, the meter is based on the length of syllables rather than the stress, though the interplay of meter and stress is also important. Virgil also incorporated such poetic devices as alliteration , onomatopoeia , synecdoche , and assonance.

Furthermore, he uses personification , metaphor and simile in his work, usually to add drama and tension to the scene.

The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction
The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction
The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction
The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction
The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction The Reality War Book2: The City of Destruction

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