The Life of a Ship

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The fuel viscosity can be raised by cooling the fuel down. See also, similar role:- Empire ship , Fort ship , Park ship , Ocean ship. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Freightliner disambiguation. See also: Maritime timeline. Further information: Piracy. Nautical portal. Shipping Research and Finance. Qatar-bound Mozah is the biggest LNG carrier ever built". Korea JoongAng Daily. Retrieved Intertanko Conference. Maritime Administration. Cargo Steamers". Pacific Marine Review. Consolidated issues January : 42— Retrieved 12 August The Empire Ships 2nd ed.

Greenway, Ambrose Cargo Liners: An Illustrated History. Modern merchant ships.


Liberty ships. Armadillo-class tanker Crater-class cargo ship Guardian-class radar picket ship. SS John W. Category List. Victory ships. List of Victory ships. Haskell -class attack transport Kingsport telemetry ship Range Sentinel telemetry ship. Liberty ship predecessor.

Fort ships. Leading a crew of nearly , Thorhauge holds ultimate responsibility for the safety of more than 90, tonnes of ship and the happiness of around passengers. Yet, after decades spent sharing cramped quarters as she worked her way up through the ranks, Thorhauge travels light, bringing only a suitcase and a picture from her wedding day. A 6am arrival might mean surfacing long before dawn to help guide the ship through treacherous reefs and archipelagos.

LIVING ON A CARGO SHIP - Caspian Sea Ferry

When the ship is in the open ocean, she rises at 5. Besides the magic of handling the ship, Thorhauge finds guest feedback a highlight. For officers as for passengers, it can be easy to slide into a sedentary lifestyle on board, so Thorhauge carefully monitors her fitness.

I also do exercises in my cabin. The terms "seaman" or "sailor" may refer to a member of a country's navy. According to the CIA World Factbook , the total number of merchant ships of at least 1, gross register tons in the world was 30, A ship's complement can be divided into four categories: the deck department, the engine department, the steward's department, and other.

A day in the life of a Maersk seafarer

Officer positions in the deck department include but not limited to: Master and his Chief , Second , and Third officers. The official classifications for unlicensed members of the deck department are Able Seaman and Ordinary Seaman. A deck cadet is a person who is carrying out mandatory sea time to achieve their officer of the watch certificate.

Their time on board is spent learning the operations and tasks of everyday life on a merchant vessel. A ship's engine department consists of the members of a ship's crew that operate and maintain the propulsion and other systems on board the vessel. Engine staff also deal with the "Hotel" facilities on board, notably the sewage , lighting, air conditioning and water systems.

On LPG and LNG tankers however, a cargo engineer works with the deck department during cargo operations, as well as being a watchkeeping engineer. Many American ships also carry a motorman. Other possible positions include machinist , electrician , refrigeration engineer, and tankerman. Engine cadets are engineer trainees who are completing sea time necessary before they can obtain a watchkeeping license. All three positions are typically filled by unlicensed personnel.

The chief steward directs, instructs, and assigns personnel performing such functions as preparing and serving meals; cleaning and maintaining officers' quarters and steward department areas; and receiving, issuing, and inventorying stores.

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Although they enjoy the benefits of having officer rank, they generally progress through the ranks to become pursers. Under the Pursers are the department heads — such as chief cook, head waiter, head barman etc. They are responsible for the administration of their own areas. The chief steward also plans menus; compiles supply, overtime, and cost control records. They may requisition or purchase stores and equipment. They may bake bread, rolls, cakes, pies, and pastries. A chief steward's duties may overlap with those of the Steward's Assistant , the Chief Cook , and other Steward's Department crewmembers.

Because of international law , conventions, and agreements , all chief cooks who sail internationally are similarly documented by their respective countries. Pilots are also merchant marine officers and are licensed by the Coast Guard. Formerly, there was also a radio department, headed by a chief radio officer and supported by a number of radio officers.

Since the introduction of GMDSS Satellite communications and the subsequent exemptions from carrying radio officers if the vessel is so equipped, this department has fallen away, although many ships do still carry specialist radio officers, particularly passenger vessels. Many radio officers became 'electro-technical officers', and transferred into the engine department.

Mariners spend much of their life beyond the reach of land. For some, the attraction is a life unencumbered with the restraints of life ashore.

Seagoing adventure and a chance to see the world also appeal to many seafarers. Whatever the calling, those who live and work at sea invariably confront social isolation. Findings by the Seafarer's International Research Center indicate a leading cause of mariners leaving the industry is "almost invariably because they want to be with their families. Industry experts increasingly recognize isolation, stress, and fatigue as occupational hazards. Advocacy groups such as International Labour Organization, a United Nations agency, and the Nautical Institute are seeking improved international standards for mariners.

Only on Cunard

This technology has contributed to crew welfare, although both equipment and fees are expensive. Ocean voyages are steeped in routine. Maritime tradition dictates that each day be divided into six four-hour periods. Three groups of watch keepers from the engine and deck departments work four hours on then have eight hours off watch keeping. However, there are many overtime jobs to be done daily.

Pirate Ship Life - Pirate Ship Vallarta - Blog

This cycle repeats endlessly, 24 hours a day while the ship is at sea. Members of the steward department typically are day workers who put in at least eight-hour shifts. Operations at sea, including repairs, safeguarding against piracy , securing cargo, underway replenishment , and other duties provide opportunities for overtime work. Service aboard ships typically extends for months at a time, followed by protracted shore leave.


However, some seamen secure jobs on ships they like and stay aboard for years.

The Life of a Ship The Life of a Ship
The Life of a Ship The Life of a Ship
The Life of a Ship The Life of a Ship
The Life of a Ship The Life of a Ship
The Life of a Ship The Life of a Ship

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