The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5)

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Unlike Call of Cthulhu, fistcuffs will prove more useful in this game than in any other, allowing stingy players to conserve ammunition if nothing else. Using this action will allow inquisitive players to find items and open doors, chests, and other containers properly. This is the least used action in the game; i. PUSH Used to shove objects into place, or out of the way.

This action will allow players to move objects as situations arise in the game. USE Players will attempt to use an object as logically as possible in the current given context. Sometimes, an object may only be used properly only if another object is in the character's inventory while at other times an object may be used upon something in the environment. Weapons and firearms used with this command will be equipped and ready Hold Spacebar or Keypad 0 then press the Up Arrow or Keypad 8.

Since physical weight was never figured into this game in terms of thrown objects, gramaphones travel in the same arc as a well balanced throwing knife. This action may come into play mid-way through the game. READ Investigates a book by reading its first few pages. Have a care what is read; some tomes have been known to take the life of its readers. It will "reload" the weapon by adding whatever ammunition a player has on hand to the firearm in question. There are no magazine limits in this game, and all firearms function in a purely gaming sense.

JUMP An action available only in certain sections of the game.

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Pressing the engage action button will cause the investigator to do a short standing hop useful for navigating over small holes and other such things. Stay and witness the introduction as it will be a purely Lovecraftian and informative sequence. Notice that the character can cross the third floor hallway with no danger -- players will not be able to do that once they control the character. Make a note of that and let's join the investigators in the attic. Use the push action to move the wooden closet in front of the window.

Next, use the push command again to move the chest over the trapdoor by the piano. Moving these two pieces of heavy furniture will prevent monsters from attacking prematurely as players get used to the horrid controls and to investigate the attic proper.

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Investigating the wooden closet will yield an old Indian cover, while the chest has a very useful and working rifle. Another important find will be the empty oil lamp by table near the hobby horse. More detailed investigators will find more items in the form of Jeremy Hartwood's suicide note and a book on the Golden Fleece, both which are not necessary to finish the game. The attic will not hold anything more useful so once all five items have been acquired, leave the attic by the stairs near the hobby horse.

I dont know if it works for every body but it has worked for me more then once. This is in regards to the play glitch where your investigator decides to linger at the map entrance and automatically egresses to the prior map despite what's up. Since no machine available to the simalcrum at this point can run AITD at all Space is dropped to DOS with frame issues , have fun with this 'tippes und non-losung material'.

Just don't use the rifle prematurely if you value hit points. If you have too fast a computer, the character will keep immediately walk back up the stairs to the attic despite anyone's best efforts. This will mean you are stuck coming and going in between the stairs forever unless you find a way to slow down clockspeed. If you somehow manage to go past that bug, invesigate the storage area for a can of oil and a hunting bow.

Clever investigators will know to fill the empty oil lamp with the oil and discard the empty can. This done, open the door and head out into the third floor hallway. Feel free to save the game no ink ribbons necessary. The slight disturbance in the hallway's floor is a rotten spot. Venturing on it is asking for disaster to happen. If the game was just saved, be ready to reload if the obvious happens.

Otherwise, go into the bedroom to the right of the door that leads to the attic stairs. Once inside the bedroom, the door will close automatically -- an omen of things to be. Do not leave this bedroom until it has been searched thoroughly. The desk will hold a key to the chest in the room. The chest has an old cavalry saber that can be used as an impromptu weapon, but will serve another purpose later.

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Whatever happens, good investigators will keep the saber and any parts from it with them, broken or not. When leaving this bedroom, there will be a zombie waiting just past the door.

Zombies are relatively easy to kill, if just a little gruesome. Several hits from the cavalry saber will suffice although it may cause the blade to break off but better yet, use the rifle since it will prove less than useful against other monsters. Two shells will kill a zombie outright; I heartily agree that one-shot decaps were better in Resident Evil.

Head into the bedroom across the one where the cavalry saber was found. A second zombie will attack from behind. Again, use the rifle. The cavalry saber will do in a pinch if ammunition runs out. Leave this small room by the other door. That other door leads into a woman's bedroom. Cautious investigators will have a weapon handy when the rat-thing crashes through the window who said R.

Deal with the ambush and investigate the room carefully. A key is inside the vase. Break the vase open by throwing it. The key will unlock the bedroom's dresser and yield two small mirrors. Leave this bedroom through the door by the bed and head into the bathroom. Investigate the cabinet for a first aid box. The box does nothing by itself, but it has a flask of mystery tonic that will add not restore -- ADD 10 health to the investigator. Now is the time to clean house by dropping useless objects from inventory.

Leave by the doors leading to the stairs and it will be guarded by two nightgaunts. To rid these inhabitants of the Dreamlands from the waking world, place a small mirror on each of the small statues in the hallway. Do not get hit by the nightgaunts or they will break the mirrors, rendering them useless and the investigator forever trapped in the house. Save the game and head downstairs. Hartwood" Once down the stairs, it will be imperative not to touch anything lest it come alive and attack the foolish.

Firstly, it should be imperative to find a suitable replacement for the cavalry saber. From the bottom of the stairs, head right and into a small bedroom take care not to disturb the suit of armor near the stairs.

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The small bedroom will have a ghost sitting inside. Again, do not disturb the ghost there is no procedure to drive the ghost away so avoid it at all costs and retrieve the following from this room: the gramaphone, the fireplace poker, and the matches atop the mantle. Careful investigators will choose to search the shelves by the door for rifle shells to reload the rifle.

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With matches in hand, head to the other side of the second floor landing and into a narrow corridor hallway. The first room in that narrow hallway will lead into an artificially dark room. Before going in, wise investigators will light the now filled oil lamp and carry it with them inside to investigate.

It will provide enough light to find things for about five real time minutes -- more than enough time.


The most important object in the dark room is the heavy statuette. Be sure to investigate the shelves for some bullets which will come in handy later. The book "A Brightness from Afar" is only a rambling account by the charlatanical twit Boleskine. Be sure to extinguish the lamp once out of the dark room by choosing any action command once the lamp is in the inventory. Although the statuette's use is hinted at by a book later in the game, there is no reason to hold off using it now. Throw the heavy statuette at the suit of armor in the second floor landing to acquire the durable and unbreakable sword.

Feel free to use the sword in any combat situation, although be warned that the rifle will be rendered useless later in the game.

The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5) The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5)
The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5) The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5)
The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5) The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5)
The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5) The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5)
The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5) The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5)
The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5) The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5)
The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5) The Case of the Secret Passage (Pony Investigators Book 5)

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