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When we are purer and lighter, we have enough free space in our personal spaces, where we can explore and express our souls freely in our physical world.

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Spiritual growth is the purification of the soul, and also the ascension into realms above the physical one not only on the unconscious level but also on the conscious level. From there, we are able to embody love in the physical world. In other words, if our consciousness is attached to and confined in the physical realm, we are able to embody love but our love is limited only in physicality and are unable to embody the love that transcends anything physical.

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  • The love confined in physicality is conditional because anything that has a physical form will change its appearance over time and eventually lose its form. There is no permanence in anything visible and tangible. The love that transcends physicality, on the other hand, is permanent. This is why it is powerful and remains in our hearts forever.

    The love that has resulted from physicality will someday lose its hook, but the love that has transcended physicality will be remembered forever. As you may have already noticed, there is a close connection between spiritual growth and love. Spiritual growth is all for love.

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    To ourselves and to each other. We lit candles, clutched crystals, and mapped.

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    Mapped as much as we could, as furiously as we could, like an explorer capturing the sights, sounds and emotions of virgin land yet unseen by his fellow men. We mapped so we could remember. We mapped for when we would have to walk through the door out to reality again. And we hugged, oh did we hug.

    Often, gladly and with our guards down and hearts wide open. For the next 4 weeks I have set a challenge for myself to re-create the tangible, soul-filled enchantment I experienced briefly while within the Red Fox circle.

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    There is only 1 rule: it needs to be a physical engagement with life and not just a virtual or paper-based observation. Why this challenge?

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    • Because I truly believe that living a creatively-inspired wholehearted life requires the full engagement of the mind, body and soul. Because I believe we all deserve to feel enchanted and deeply alive every single day. And I fear for how much I was consuming more than I was creating. Reacting more than I was acting. We are meant to feel alive, all of our senses tingling from tactile experiences.

      It hurt. My heart ached for a week.

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      But deep inside me a candle was lit. A hole was filled and I had lived it in person. It was real.

      Tangible Soul Tangible Soul
      Tangible Soul Tangible Soul
      Tangible Soul Tangible Soul
      Tangible Soul Tangible Soul
      Tangible Soul Tangible Soul

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