Lesson Plan #3: The Pigman

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Review Sheet due Tuesday. Turn in Ch. Growth and development male system notes and quiz over the female. Growth and development notes and discussion over the menstrual cycle. Growth and development quiz fill in and continue notes. Introduce birth control varities. Introduce "Innovation Project" and materials that are available. Innovation projects due: Present to the class.

The Pigman - Chapter 2

Graded during presentation. Test over Dances With Wolves. The guide incorporates essential reading, writing… More.

Want to Read. Shelving menu. Dunphrey: Teacher Guide Novel Units. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. The Brothers Grimm have a warning for the Land of Stories. Connor Bailey thinks his fairy-tale adventures are behind him - until he discovers a mysterious clue left by the famous Brothers Grimm. Grammar: Review pronoun agreement, Write Source, p. Writing: Share position papers. Grammar: Subject-verb agreement, Write Source, p. Grammar: Review subject-verb agreement, Writers Source, p. Grammar: Subject-verb agreement, compound subjects, Write Source, p.

Grammar: Review subject-verb agreement, compound subjects, Write Source, p. Vocabulary: Review for units test. Vocabulary, Word Associations, Word Families,. Grammar: TBA. Vocabulary: , Building with Classical Roots. Note: Final week will focus on grammar! Writing: Peer edit position paper using rubric. Writing: Rewrite first draft. Vocabulary: Unit 12, Definitions. Writing: Poem. Writing: Share poems.

Vocabulary, Unit 12, Choosing the Right Word. Students on fieldtrip! Vocabulary, Unit 12 review. Writing: Turn in position paper essay. Vocabulary: Unit 12 Quiz. Vocabulary: Unit , Word Associations. Position Paper: Persuasive Writing. Demonstrates competence in the stylistic rhetorical aspects of writing.

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Demonstrates competence in writing a standard 5 6 -paragraph persuasive essay. Demonstrates competence in speaking. Steps to Success. See Suggested Topics. Find out more about your topic by research, discussion, reading, and thinking. Narrow your subject to a manageable size; not too general, and not too specific. Craft a Position Statement around your central thought. Organize the Body; make sure each paragraph has a Topic Sentence. In the fourth paragraph of Body, state and refute other argument.

Use at least once source book, internet, article, etc. Use Mr.

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Sample : Position Paper: Write Source , pp. Final Product….

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Important Due Dates. Friday, Feb. Note: Final paper is worth points! Persuasive Writing, Write Source, pp. Possible Topic Sentence: Persuasive Essay. Student Suggestions…. Nobody should search a personal locker Too much homework can ruin a kid's life Students don't get enough sleep We need a new school uniform There needs to be more time to eat lunch Bathing once day is important.

Home schooling works Girls are smarter than boys. Cats are the best pets.

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Lethal injection is immoral. Parents don't spend enough time with their kids. There should be less testing. There is too much homework People should stop littering Kids don't need a cu rfew The school day is too long already Dancing it good for you. Reggaeton is misunderstood. Kids spend too much time on the phone. Watching TV is good for your health. Fast food is killing kids. People spend too much time at the mall. Exercise is the key to good health. Puerto Rico is the best island in the Caribbean.

Having a hobby is important. The beach is the key to happiness. Falling in love can be dangerous. Taking drugs makes you dumb. MP3 Players can make you lose social skills. Cell phones should be allowed in school. Should be able to go down after lunch. Kids should be able to leave backpacks anywhere. Jackets should be able to be any color. Gum chewing should be encouraged. Writing: Share topic sentences for body of position essay.

Much more than documents.

See Source , p Writing: Create organized list, See Source , p. Vocabulary: Unit 11, Definitions. Writing: Share organized list, See Source , p. Write Introduction. Writing: Share Introductions, Introduce. Vocabulary: Practice, Unit 11 Quiz.

Lesson Plan #3: The Pigman
Lesson Plan #3: The Pigman
Lesson Plan #3: The Pigman
Lesson Plan #3: The Pigman
Lesson Plan #3: The Pigman
Lesson Plan #3: The Pigman

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