Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition)

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Condizionatore: Adesso effettueremo l'autodesattivazione. Il telegiornale continua Non avevo mai visto una cosa simile! Chi avrebbe potuto immaginarlo? Nessuno mi aveva detto che nello spettacolo avrebbero recitato delle galline. Chi poteva prevedere che avrebbero invaso ogni angolo del teatro? Dietro le quinte, sul palcoscenico, fra le poltrone in platea Vorrei ben sperare che non ci fossero anche delle oche, ma insomma! Dialog: English 'Balla-Balanzone' Mrs Balanzone: Dear listeners, I would like to let you know that dream of dancing the square dance with the necessary aplomb is now within reach!

You could go to Texas as Doctor Balanzone and I did but -- lucky you! Wouldn't you prefer to train in the privacy of your home?

Now you can do it! Thanks to the new Balla-Balanzone podcast, anybody will be up to exploring the rhythmic motions of the Far West! The doctor and I will share with you the all the secrets of the square dance in our podcast. Wouldn't you do us the honor of taking your first steps with us?

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You'll discover all the secrets of the Square Dance with our Balla-Balanzone podcasts! Everything the Futurometer does for the future, the Conditionator does for the conditional. Behold the device that reveals all the mysteries of this verbal mood! Antonella: Would you show it to us, Dottore? Antonella: It's truly a breathtaking sight! Dottor Balanzone: I know, if I do say so myself, it's quite beautiful.

I'm serious! It's taken my breath away! Dottor Balanzone: My heavens! Forgive me! Here, I'll put it in neutral. Antonella: Thank you! Thank you, Dottore! First of all, Dottore, would you explain to us, what is the conditional, really? Dottor Balanzone: I would gladly explain it to you, but Who else could explain it to you better?

Antonella: I wouldn't know Dottor Balanzone: Precisely! Let's activate the Conditionator! But first, to avoid that the secret codes for setting it in motion be intercepted again, we must adopt special security measures.

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You, miss, will have to close your eyes and cover your ears; the radio transmitter will have to interrupt service for a moment while I perform -- There! Everything ready! The explanations will be in English and the examples in Italian Dottor Balanzone: First of all, the forms. Then we will be able to list the functions.

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Nunc coniugatio Dottor Balanzone: Thank you, yes, I would, rather, we would like to continue now to examine the functions! The thief allegedly entered through the living-room window while the homeowners were sleeping. Personal opinion I think you must ask Pulcinella for the recipe. You should ask Pulcinella for the recipe. Exhortation Colombina, you ought to make up with Arlecchina.

You'd better not cough during Pantalone's monologue.


An action subsequent to a past action He said he would take the number 64 bus and that he would meet us in front of the obelisk at noon. Arlecchino promised us that the porter would take our bags to the station and that he would arrive to pick them up before lunch. A helpful tip Dottore, would you like to hear more conjugations of the conditional mood or would you prefer to listen to other examples of its use?

We could also suggest some helpful tips to the students. Dottor Balanzone: The useful tips would be most appreciated! When I was twelve years old, we would go to the movies every Saturday afternoon. Dottore, would you like to continue or would you enjoy a break?


Dottor Balanzone: I could go on until late at night when it's a matter of verbal moods and tenses, but a break would be quite welcome! Conditionator: We will now perform self-deactivation. The news broadcast continues Anchorwoman: Some of the audience members allegedly left with some of the chickens as well as numerous cows. Anchorman: The head of the troupe, Mr Pantalone de' Bisognosi, said that he would try to recover all of the fowl but that it would not be practical to search for the cattle dispersed throughout the city.

Anchorwoman: Mr Bisognosi, in a press conference, made the following statement: Pantalone: My intention is to rectify, as much as possible, the negative consequences of this deplorable situation. But I would like for everyone to know that without the negligence and complete lack of responsibility of a future ex-colleague of ours, a certain Pulcinella, this catastrophe would never have taken place!

Anchorman: In the same press conference, an actress in the troupe, Miss Colombina, added: Colombina: I don't know where you've hidden, Pulcinella, but I swear to you, if you have the gall to set foot on the stage again, I Anchorwoman: A spokesperson for the Pazzimpalco Theatre, scene of the chaotic zoological scandal, spoke with one of our correspondents. Theatre Spokesperson: I don't know anything about this Pulcinella, but I can tell you I had never seen anything like it! Who could have imagined it?

Nobody had told me that animals would perform in the show. Who could foresee that they would invade every corner of the theatre? Backstage, onstage, among the seats in the house When I heard the trumpeting of that pachyderm going onstage, I got goosebumps.

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I would certainly hope that there weren't any geese as well, but after all! Anchorman: We haven't been able to contact Mr Pulcinella, whose failure to arrive allegedly set off the confusion at the Pazzimpalco Theatre, nor do we know for certain the number of wounded, human or animal. Anchorwoman: You're listening to Radio Arlecchino News.

Click here to refresh the feed. The bad news is that the studio is currently in a noisy mess and apparently not a very safe place right now. So our trusty podcasters are hoping to find a more congenial atmosphere for this episode backstage at the Teatro Pazzimpalco, where our friends from the Commedia are about to raise the curtain on another show.

Now what on earth makes them think that things would be any quieter there? It's time to contemplate that and many other perplexing hypotheses in this very special episode--IF we think we can handle it! Dialog: ItalianA teatroAntonella: E ora, se ci accompagnerete a teatro, sentirete il periodo ipotetico in azione.

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Pantalone: Oh! Se non sbaglio, sono i nostri amici pod-- poss-- Come si dice? I nostri amici che fanno i podcast, insomma! Benvenuti, entrate! Antonella: Salve, signor Pantalone.

Che piacere rivederLa! Tutto pronto per lo spettacolo?

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Eric: Ci sono problemi, signor Pantalone? Arlecchino: Pure scalza reciterai bene se sei proprio una brava attrice! Colombina: Vieni qua, Arlecchino, se vuoi sapere quel che riesco a fare pure scalza!

Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition) Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition)
Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition) Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition)
Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition) Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition)
Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition) Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition)
Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition) Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition)
Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition) Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition)
Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition) Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition)
Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition) Il dottore senza passato (Italian Edition)

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