Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress

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The IKEA cart has a few drawbacks. First, since the wood is untreated, it stains easily though you could seal the wood to prevent it from discoloring. This wall-mounting pot lid holder keeps lids organized and clears up valuable cupboard and drawer space. Pot lids are impossible to stack, so to keep them from becoming a jumbled mess, we recommend the Organize It All Cabinet Door Lid Rack.

The slots hold every size of lid, from 6 to 14 inches, and you can bend them outward to adjust for wider handles. These sturdy metal pegboards are a great way to make use of unused wall space. If you have sufficient wall space, hang as much equipment as possible. Julia Child used an old-school pegboard for hanging her batterie de cuisine, but today you can find more durable options. You can even purchase 4-inch-wide shelves that attach to the pegboard.

According to Wall Control, a single byinch panel can hold up to pounds when properly installed. The panels come in a range of colors, and you can get them in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Extended to 36 inches, the Range Kleen rack held 20 pounds of equipment in our tests.

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This extendable rack holds a substantial amount of kitchen equipment; in our tests, it remained securely anchored to the wall with 20 pounds of cookware. In our tests it held about 20 pounds of cookware for a week without budging, even with a heavy inch cast-iron skillet positioned at the most vulnerable spot in the middle of the rack. The included wall anchors worked well in our tests, but for added strength we recommend attaching the rack to a stud see our advice on how to hang heavy stuff. The Container Store riser extends up to 27 inches wide.

Photo: Michael Sullivan.

Set the Stage for a Quick Sale

The plastic shelf expands from 14 inches to 27 inches, so it will fit the width of most cupboards. Photo: Michael Hession. These glass containers stack neatly, and their colorful lids make matching their shape to the corresponding container easier. After testing a number of options for our guide to the best food storage containers , we found that the Pyrex Piece Simply Store Food Storage Set was the best for small kitchens.

These containers are more convenient to store in tight spaces because they nest well. We were impressed with how durable these containers were—in our tests, the tempered glass survived several counter-height drops onto a hardwood floor without breaking. This well-made hanging basket has three tiered baskets that are deep enough to hold a bounty of produce.

It hangs evenly, and small clips allow you to adjust the height of the tiers. The spacious baskets hold more produce than the shallower DecoBros 3-Tier Hanging Basket , and their rounded shape and slightly flexible aluminum wires put less pressure on delicate fruits.

Our Affordable Kitchen Makeover Action Curbly

Leftovers are less likely to be neglected in the back of a fridge when arranged on a lazy susan. Video: Sarah Kobos.

Photo: Photo: Sarah Kobos. One of the simplest ways to maximize shelf or counter space, the OXO Turntable makes it easier to find items in hard-to-reach places. Nearly all the professional organizers we spoke to recommended using lazy Susans. The smaller size is better for pantry shelves or corner nooks on a counter, while the larger option is ideal for deep cupboards or the fridge.

Pro tip: To ensure everything stays visible, place taller items, such as bottles of oil and vinegar, in the center of the lazy Susan and shorter items, like spice jars, around the perimeter. You can adjust this expandable shelf riser to fit the size of most cabinets and capitalize on vertical space. Shelf risers are a great way to get the most out of cupboards.

The inexpensive BronaGrand 1-inch cup hooks are easy to screw into wood. Hanging cooking tools from cup hooks is a great alternative to storing them in a crock, which hogs counter space. These 1-inch cup hooks are great for hanging cooking utensils instead of keeping them in a drawer or in a crock on a counter, where space is limited. Installed below an upper cabinet, they keep tools out of the way yet still easy to reach.

You can customize their arrangement to suit your needs, and they require no special equipment to install though you can use a small nail and hammer or a drill to get the hole started, or pliers for added leverage.

Home Hacks - Don’t spend more money. Try these tips

The inch Winco stemware rack left and the inch Rustic State stemware rack right. Glasses hang lower on the Winco stemware rack right than on the Rustic State rack left , but the Winco is much easier to install.

ORGANIZATION HACKS ! Unexpected Kitchen Hacks You Need To Know - DIY Life Hacks by Blossom

This easy-to-install metal rack fits a wide range of stemware sizes and utilizes unused space in tall cupboards or below them. The inch rack holds two wine glasses, but Winco also sells a inch length that can hold up to four wine glasses. Just note that the included screws may be too long for the thickness of some cupboards, so be sure to check before drilling.

These adjustable drawer dividers are great for bringing order to chaotic junk drawers. Dividing your drawer with organizers can bring order to an unruly pile of tools. Their spring-loaded mechanism made them easier to adjust than the competition, and they fit drawers from 12 to 18 inches long. In our tests, the dividers remained firmly in place. For deeper drawers, we recommend the 4-inch version , which has extra pieces sold separately to subdivide drawers both vertically and horizontally. These 2-inch-deep organizers are great for shallow kitchen drawers.

The grippy feet on the bottom of each container make these bins stand out from the competition. These containers come in a variety of sizes, and their 2-inch depth is ideal for shallow kitchen drawers. Ever need just a dollop of whipped cream to make your strawberry shortcake shine? The blender fits neatly into a tumbler or measuring cup, minimizing the mess of larger bowls.

Have picky eaters? Prevent Goldfish from touching peeled fruit by using cupcake liners to organize a lunchbox into separate sections. Jazz it up by using fun colors and patterns on special days. Have a recipe that calls for a graham cracker or cookie crust? Amp up the flavor by seeking out a specialty flavor cookie at the store. Learn how to make a cookie crust here. Dip the blade of your sharp knife in hot water to heat it up. Then wipe with a dry towel and cut your cake or cheesecake into nice, tidy slices. Repeat each time for pretty slices with a clean edge. Looking for simple cheesecakes that are super easy to make?

Look no further. Prepped in under 30 minutes, these easy cheesecake recipes have got you covered.

Impress Your Guest With Some DIY Bamboo Napkin Rings

A well-organized kitchen is a joy to use. Install inexpensive hooks on the inside of your kitchen cabinets to maximize your storage space. Soon potholders, measuring spoons and extra gadgets will find a home! Tidy up the rest of your kitchen with these sanity-saving organizational tips. Next time you need fresh lemon juice, maybe for one of our lemon-flavored recipes try this restaurant tip. Microwave a lemon for seconds. Then, roll the lemon back and forth under your palm on the counter. Try it with limes, too!

Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress
Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress
Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress
Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress
Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress Cheap Kitchen Crafts to Organize, Decorate, and Impress

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