A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment

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They respond well and have a lot of steel to grind which makes them the most durable trucks. Ventures are a bit in the middle here. Venture trucks offer great stability and are great for parks and transition skateboarding. These guys help you turn your board. Just Like wheels, bushings vary in hardness, softer will make your board turn better but might feel a bit more unstable. Depending on where you skate and what you like to do. In general smaller diameter wheels are for technical skateboarding and bigger wheels for bowls and verts.

The bigger the wheel to more speed. When buying skateboard wheels make sure they fit your trucks.

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There needs to be some clearance to avoid wheel bite. The harder the wheel the more uncomfortable you ride on rough surfaces. Think of tail slides for example. Softer wheels also tend to flat spot more so powerslides are out of the question here. Softer wheels offer more grip and are great for cruising and long distance rides.

I would get with 99a wheels when you mainly want to skate streets. Bones and Spitfire are the best wheels on the market, Ricta is more affordable but still have great wheels. Mini logo offers the cheapest wheels but still offer wheels that are right for beginners. They offer street wheels, skatepark wheels, and all-terrain wheels. I currently skate bones and I love how they slide and lock.

Their urethane mix has advanced over the years and they found a way to make their wheels very durable. Bones wheels are expensive, at least compared to the cheaper options. They go for around 23 bucks and range from 51 mm to 55 mm. Right up there with Bones, when it comes to quality and durability. Spitfires are known for their flat spot resistant urethane formula and their fancy graphics. You can spot Spitfires from a mile away. They produce wheels for street and vert in different formulas.

The Formula Fours have a hardness of 99a and a, 99a is great for street skating and a for transition skateboarding. They produce all kinds of shapes. Some are wider and provide more grip and others have a more narrow profile to increase responsiveness and speed. I own Ricta Clouds with durometer 92a and a diameter of 56mm. I use them for cruising and doing some tricks. Cheapest wheels that are still acceptable.

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Ride them for a while and save up for something better. When it comes to selecting bearings the choice is rather easy. Bearings have a standard size and will fit all wheels. Bones has the best affordable bearing. These are made of quality steel and can last for a decade. There are a couple of important features a bearing should have such as ball precision, materials used, hardness on the Rockwell scale, noise, etc etc.

Not the best but if your budget is tight these are the ones you should pick. Be mindful of Chinese rip-offs, even Amazon sells fake Bones Reds so buy them in a skate store or online shop. They should last you a while and you could consider saving money to upgrade bearings later on. Best bearings which are still somewhat affordable, they can last you a decade if you properly maintain them. Use some Bones speed cream when you cleaned them and they will just keep performing.

Comparable to the Bones Reds although the reds might last a little longer.

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Often overlooked but in order to get the most out of your bearings buy a set of spacers. Some bearings have them included and they protect your bearings from collecting dust and sand. They also prevent damage when attaching your wheels to your trucks. Some people apply to much force to the axle nut and screw it too tight. Classic mistake, forgetting to buy the bolts.

Learning To Skateboard | Tactics

Make sure you get 8 bolts and nuts to attach your skateboard trucks. Also, pick the right length bolts. In case you forget just go to your local hardware store, they should have them laying around. Riser pads are to lift your truck a little higher.

The skateboard

In case you have really big wheels, 58mm and above you might need them to prevent them from making contact with your deck. They help to prevent cracks in the trucks mounting area and offer a more comfortable ride. At least get a helmet and knee pads, a helmet can save your life and pads will prevent you from having to take a break because of busted knees.

Beginners are the most vulnerable and the majority of skateboarders ending up in the ER just started skateboarding. Not everybody wears protective gear, some people feel it restrict movement but you just need to get used to it. There are many different types of protective gear available, make sure it fits properly. Even if you wear gear, you still can hurt yourself.

Shoes for skateboarding

There are tons of fun tricks that even beginners can practice. Navigating gentle downward slopes helps to improve your skills and is really quite fun. So long as you do not feel like you are putting yourself or others around you in danger or disrespect, think creatively and turn whatever surface you can into a spot to skate! Once you jedi-master the tick-tack, try manual-ing next. A manual is a maneuver in which you balance yourself on only one of either the front or back set of wheels. It is one of the best exercises to improve your balance on your skateboard.

It can take quite a long time to become familiar enough with the manual to be able to do so over long stretches of distance, so start with small goals! The nose-manual is the opposite of the tail-manual. The idea is the same, with slight adjustments required of you in terms of how you balance yourself during the maneuver. The trick can be used for controlling speeds while going downhill, and it is also a basis of sorts for slide tricks done on boxes, ledges, and bowls. This maneuver can actually be quite terrifying as it requires a certain amount of speed to be able to do in the first place, and if your balance and weight distribution is off you can almost go flying off your board.

Stay low when you commit to the slide, keeping your center of gravity low to the ground! Again, you will need to learn ollies first. For some grinds, you will need to turn in a specific direction as you ollie.


The ollie is the brick and mortar of skateboarding, which will lead into harder tricks. So how do you do it? Start slow. In fact, if you can do it in the first 10 attempts you should give yourself a gold star because getting the hang of this trick can take some time. Learning to ollie should be broken down into three steps, which are popping, sliding, and jumping.

Using the back foot, you should pop down on the tail of the board hard towards the ground. And I mean hard. Your front foot should be behind the bolts of the front truck at the start of the trick. However, once you have snapped the tail you will also simultaneously be moving your front foot up from the middle of the board to over the front bolts. As you snap the tail with your back foot and slide your front foot up this is going to give the board enough momentum to leave the ground.

What you need to do here is stay with the board as it takes off into the air, by jumping up and lifting off with it. Although it may sound simple, many people who are just starting out skateboarding find the ollie difficult, especially if they are uncomfortable with riding. If you are struggling with ollies or other tricks, the best place you can start learning these tricks is somewhere soft, where your board will be stationary.

Here you will be stable and you can try to shuv the board as well as practice kickflips. If you are struggling with ollies, Aaron Kyro has a great system where he breaks down the three steps of the trick, which you can learn standing still. If you are still uncertain of how to do or even learn the ollie, I would highly recommend you watch this video. Once you get the hang of the basic motion, and you are applying pressure to the board in the correct places, you can then try the ollie or other tricks moving again.

A quick word of warning: Stationary skateboarding should be temporary! You can start with objects which are very small such as the handle of a broom stick.

This will help you to develop a stronger ollie over a much quicker time period than you would without obstacles. Keep trying, and then try again. Eventually, you will develop enough pop to bring your entire board over the broom stick handle.

Learning To Skateboard

Not only does this improve your ollie, it also gives you visual recognition as you get better, which can really boost your confidence, as you see improvements day after day. Once you have ollied over a broomstick handle you can try something a little bigger, such as another skateboard. This incredibly simple training technique works because when there is something to ollie over then you have to get better. A lot of beginners are intimidated by the idea of skating around better skaters.

A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment
A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment
A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment
A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment
A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment
A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment
A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment A Beginners Guide to Skateboard Equipment

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